Apex Legends Best Settings For Apex Legends PS4

Apex Legends Best Settings For Apex Legends PS4 ah what is up everybody in the morning here today we will be playing some eight packs sausage and legends dude let's get it let's get it and let's do it well let's do it and let's do. It well shot, it nice nice take it I will take that right out the gate I appreciate you for me I appreciate you you know what do this why not why not let me actually get up here. Okay waterfall doing it grab.

These get my ultimate real quick and just pop it in their mouth dude fart gas for everybody alright we're good bouncing let's bounce okay one in front of. Me here okay nice kill okay I got an assist I'll take it it's fine I'm cool. With that so when I'm yeah yup dad bye okay whoa let's get it let's go boys yeah mr. peanut there you. Go peanut let's go I need more blood I need more I need more blood hook a brother up let's go towards those shots let's go boys, come on whoo let's get it peanut he'll my dude he'll one dead yeah there's one inside here dead adios amigo wow, did we get us do we get little bit all he quit why'd he quit rock I hate that about. To get him up and my dude – straight dips hate.

It can't stand it just me and you peanut peanut you gonna heal though yeah heals there you go there you go my dude, that's what I like to see extended heavy alternate I need. A very gun need a better gun alternator syringe accelerator okay yeah I need a better I mean this will do for now but goddamn I don't even understand the. Mag god damn skull piercer he dropped it, I I got him get him got him good all right let's go little buddy he's not stick with me damn he's due back what are the shots those are in I think he's, losing I need a better gun I need like an hour ninety nine or.

Eight well not our 99 but a let me pick this up just in case it find something I want actually stock, I can use no no room for that I wouldn't have enough ammo for that a sucks, I would have taken that to you okay yeah that blows our dude left. I don't know why why he left to be honest we were gonna get him right back up maybe it disconnected cuz something that's that sometimes that happens hopefully he got disconnected and then, just. Bounce without event poopy maybe I do want the scout what is he using does he need this extended heavy mag here level three can you use that, no okay pick that up I guess I need better gun let's go let's do it come on come. On come on come on come on come on come on come on nothing no actually yes 301 that's what I wanted yeah yeah yeah yeah, already I just needed that let's.

Do it let's go my brother I need you corner that guy was down with the get-down okay y'all, hit him with that derp my boys I have a charge for this yeah okay see if you can't get closer nice.

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