Apex Legends Not working

Apex Legends Not working kind of love when I got along though that's gun in the game am i right oh do two Purple's just popped out here come get this boys we got, everything we need we got everything come here come here 9999 let's go left here left here left here come-come left here I'm coming yeah open doors right. In try me maybe something good this way there, were guys on the roof they opened the doors going this way yeah yeah you're right. Go on this side there's people on this side there's people on the side man right we're. Here dude dude how they backed up I might actually get nice freed coming in coming in coming in coming in already he's right outside yeah you, waiting for you winning because he went in here good bro recover his text I need to get in there and find hills right away I'm, so hurt or obviously I'm hurt yeah if you could just play the toke with the steeper it we're, not getting words every time need to recharge. My shield wait for him to come through the door please this is a bad spot actually climbing this dude half the squad's already are you serious what is this game golly there's a level, two on this one to sample.

Portal for you guys yeah they're right here here as well moving out the back moving out the back oh I know I know no on the roof okay be careful.

I'm backing them farther I hope you put ball back golly call back we're so hurt yeah we got.

We got a I have no frickin shields at all hurt him.

A lot we're good we're good I got shields I got shields I'm coming I have no magic going on the, roof my tango above them here where's your shields yeah he's trying to go we try to come up get ready he already is trying to come up with the, rope he messed up here was. He insta just peel up right away just be on the side yeah come on Keeling over here yeah wrestling I got that fine I'm netting the Epsilon's busy wow my, finger didn't find them yeah in here all across the way they're going out the other, side up top right here leave up right here I think he closed on one side close the door Brook his army he. Ran down here in dumb anyone need heels, I'm gonna need some to carry because I'm gonna use all my money dude where we go okay I'm actually skipping on the wing man this game just in your heart. 301 a peacekeeper oh right here well me do they do molting to get up, it's a single bloodhound oh damn it whatever one slit 45 bug shield smokin smoked them smoked them smoked him smoke him son get him yeah, I'm just I'm healing myself through them well he's far, he's far bro it was okay oh no they see me 92 the head super hurt up there move move – Olly move dolly move dolly let's attack this together hit him with the nade, there's two there purple and gold armor be careful. Hey smile dude dude those guys up there soul it I need freakin I need lady mo I don't have anything.

Dude they're so lit up there I'm not so close to being dead this one's, he's half help I'm pushing across the bridge wait you're the chance boys let's go it's what we do we're out here oh I need.

This I need heavy ammo badly oh the zones coming whoops oh no these guys do not have heavy ammo all right Eve you guys using heavy no dude. I'm going up here Holly got you baby one squad laughs was my kills snakes I can make it I think it might. Be in ER I just wish you were playing hi there damn so any place I'd like didn't really. See ya we salted no no that's why I didn't really.

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