Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Season 2 what’s up Wow what level are you doing time to win and stay alive I got some good this is your champion this is awesome I find a job master rate what I mean is, all cute here we go ready yup as you have learned circle around enemies they don’t compete with why, so I’m.

Here from Verizon you don’t ever know what’s going on may God yeah that’s right Oh helmet here level one why’d you swipe a scope.

For kills with one get better first blood and it’s not us wonderful we need once once we get to the fourth house we’re gonna walk top and control this place all right get, up stop right now I have another keep eyes on the news hey congrats on you’re not gonna. Grab that bitch hi 13 kills with that gun, last game oh yeah I try not to run wingman too much unless I get good for it right away because.

The town she there’s a mag for extended lay back here it’s so easy to cookie thanks Chuck how about to me no accelerant here that was, close wipe a purple extended clip on, my gun right now so I’m melting man I’m very good Ivers I know our agency boy I hit her to six times doing man.

I’d had the story she should have died instantly ahead chatter I’m.

Sorry I killed people you .

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