Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends Season 3 hi 80 hope you own my name's mr. fruit and welcome back to Apex legends and I'm just gonna say it I think this was a really good video, I don't know I think it's got a little bit of everything so thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoy the video if you're new feel free to subscribe and. What that said let's get into it I'll drop them outside and they're like in the corner and I'll, just ceramic caps let me see if I can thread, the needle of them okay perfect can you give me push you. He's like Bubble Boy yeah all right now you stay right there okay don't move anywhere that's a raise the stakes there's all. Six beautiful it looks like a like like a drum player like alright all doors closed Rob surrounded and we now just need to like I'm gonna hide.

Like this random corner oh my god yes how do i oh wow okay I'm dead all right well what about as. Well as I thought it would you know I thought you were with, us fruit but you're bamboozled bambo did you guys actually yeah are you guys I, was like why did you go over there it's so funny did you know what the 20th time it's funnier I have to admit oh yes at first I was like, but now I get it I get it I really do see it takes time you know it's one. Of those jokes yeah hey by the way I'm never gonna play with you again what looking for some action it has been looted everywhere actually. Oh my god oh I'm trying, to run and hide running dad running tail that rod okay I'm ready to reopen a at the airfield yep Pathfinder's no shields oh I landed on the sky I'm, so bad check this out rob on me got one. Got the other your Mirage got blocked by the town I know let's go huge ah coming boys what are you a shark 30 seconds ahead right up here Oh coming no seven oh five. Four three I got you buddy oh my God thank you oh my god dude this, is a hot drop I repeat a very hot drop hot.

Dry rocket boys three lock it down did no one drop with us was that we were saying, my god he did it he grappled me oh my god that's embarrassing possible by driving behind you IV by me oh god I don't have a gun okay couldn't get away. Ah they're just punching me. The thick long there's a lot of time people Jesus fix yourself huh help me oh by me Yoshio shields hey I have to be your. Third shark if Rob was the enemy you had so many shots nicely done, boys there's gonna be more to man-up shark oh oh okay oh you're something I three action the award and the best.

Attack goes to smoke boys ready those oh no I got it I got I got I got.

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