Apex Legends Server Status

Apex Legends Server Status for me I'm not maybe did such a living go bunker the best drop change my mind yeah nine thousand nine and school town man I also like you know I'm going pad we're going pet I.

Neverland pit I want the loot there could go over and then let yeah like over the, mountain and shake down into it who's ready to fly on a zipline we people lining here template I don't care I'm, gonna beat this guy up Tim care, is not I'm taking shots you guys like the hollow sights need to recharge my choice I feel like is H cog classic 1x, like digital threat yeah okay cool or they like the world sorry for cutting off but the 2x bruiser I like spitfires really everyone else I just I don't like, enemy yeah I don't like the hollows at all they don't feel good ok I like.

The car one and two and the digital threat I got a hold on to this clean man over here if you need one. Wing bow longer we're getting extra heavy ammo I do over here thank you.

Sir can you bring it to me please give me something that's good as long as someone's using it that, bunker yeah I don't have like a shield and I would really bother shield before I was stable air base too that robots gone purple shield, for you this shield over here throw my grenade here level one I am down to balloon to airbase.

You guys want that direction I have a gray one I'll be fine they're shooting left to right bridges I'm gonna go on that one, take a left you look at I mean, funny on me under me right under me render me gosh watch out don't get bamboozled I don't, think so Tim I lagged I was Auto running what happened I got bamboozled God air. It he's here somewhere oh my god I lagged off the map air just like that cuz my. Thing gone forever no I got you you're resting you yet when you die if I'm not here you – boozled this week a week where's. My box thing before you wait so how many kills how many kills are known for finding cogs extra that's it I was here pogchamp ugh I meant not champ you poorer, yeah every time. You get Mozambique kill for money 10,000 kill do it alright maybe here it emits one over here might be something good this way so two more right yeah right yeah. That's right so this kill right my next kill I get with longbow then then one after that. Mozambique I'm gonna cross fire like a dumbass I'm so stupid okay Tim listen my next field my 10,000 kill so like I need to use the Mozambique's they. Have guns by the way cause, a whole 19 coming uphill this guy they're watching you there guys got close does it no knock this no no no yep yep yep again. Armor floats that's unfortunate I got a I got to do it I got to fill one. Time nope nope we did it I was here like I floats forever 10,000 skilled. Hound got Mozambique and finished minute I saw Tim's lag off the ledge earlier yell poker at the 10 happy 10k daddy yo age count the ten visits oh thank you or the, Tim that pathfinders hurt kind of under, me I think the other guys back in 30 did owe him I was his first kill I want.

To die oh no no no don't come the.

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