PROOF You DONT need High Sensitivity Settings on PS4/Xbox Controller (Apex Legends Aim Tips Console)

PROOF You DONT need High Sensitivity Settings on PS4/Xbox Controller (Apex Legends Aim Tips Console) yo what's going on YouTube it is your boy ears hope you guys are having a great rest your day start your day whatever time it may be and I'll be trying to explain to you guys and prove to, you guys. That you guys in fact do not need a high-sensitivity to be successful at apex legends but before I get into that let me give a quick shout out to the notification squad and thank you guys for coming,.

Out to each and every video and livestream we give a quick shout out to my man H crane that angel make my shout out to, my man x3 sire 16x and also let me give a shout out to my man easton Birkenstock for coming out to each and.

Every video remember if you guys want your own personalized shout out in one of my videos like to pick three subscribers to give a personalized shout out. For thanking them for being active all I, have to do is drop like on the video subscribe to the channel turn post notifications on and leave. A comment down in the comment section it could literally be anything I pick 3 subscribe each video so good luck so now back on track for today's video we're gonna be. Talking about why it is important for you guys to have the mindset and the, ideas that you do not in fact need a high-sensitivity to play apex legends now I'm gonna. Be showing my sensitivity that I run currently on the game I am right now running a 3-2 sensitivity you heard that correctly and I'm not lying I'm showing it on, screen I run a 3-2 sensitivity and the reason I run a 3, snoot sensitivity is because it is the most comfortable for me and I feel the best playing at the sensitivity setting now the demerol mistake that. A lot of players make when playing literally any FPS shooter would it be. Battery L or regular multiplayer is they, like to sometimes copy these settings of pro players there are favorite youtubers for their friends what not what they should be doing is actually trying to fine tune Institute that works best for them now in order.

To do this my personal opinion. And my personal tip you guys can do is I recommend you guys starting off at a lower sensitivity and steadily increasing it instead of doing.

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